Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

Valerie Vincent is currently a Graduate student in the Marriage & Family Therapy (MFT) program at Fairfield University in Connecticut and will complete her academic and clinical requirements for her Master’s Degree in May 2018.   She has already completed the majority of her clinical training, and has interned for at Catholic Charities – Behavioral Health in Norwalk, CT and at St Vincent’s Behavioral Health Services in Westport, CT.    She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies, Psychology and Education from Fairfield University.


Valerie already understood that service to the poor and the sick gave meaning to her life even before she encountered the Faith as a young adult living in Washington, DC.  She converted to the Catholic Faith shortly after she got married and she is the proud mother of seven beautiful children.   As a Dame of the Order of Malta, she takes to heart the mission of the Order “to defend the Catholic Faith, the Poor and the Sick” and has been very active in her parish and in the diocese of Bridgeport, CT.   Valerie’s vocation to work with individuals, couples and families on relationship issues, conflictual communication, parenting challenges, and obstacles to emotional well-being and life balance in general is thus grounded in her Catholic Faith and her experience as a wife and mother.

Valerie is a native of France and is thoroughly bilingual.  Therapy sessions can thus be done in English or French.


Valerie received her B.A. degree in Religious Studies, Psychology, and Education from Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT.  She is currently a Graduate student in the MFT program at Fairfield University.  She will graduate with her Master of Arts degree in MFT in May 2018.


As part of her clinical training requirements, Valerie has provided therapy to individuals, couples, and families from all socioeconomic and religious backgrounds including young adults and adults suffering from depression, anxiety, and severe mental illnesses.

She has worked at Catholic Charities Behavioral Health in Norwalk, CT, and St. Vincent Behavioral Health in Westport, CT. Her training experiences have provided her with a rich background that have helped her develop a keen clinical sense and ability to plan and execute treatment.

Areas of Expertise

  Marriage and Family Therapy

  Family Life Cycle Transition Difficulties


  Couples Therapy

  Anxiety and Depression in Men, Women, and Children

  French Speaking