Integrated Daily Dialogic Mentorship

What clients are saying

How does Catholicism enter into this approach?

People don't just have "mental health" issues; we have human issues. These issues can affect our mental health, as well as our physical health and our spiritual health. We talk about everything, specifically in the light of reaching your most important goal: HEAVEN.

Do you really talk every day?

Through daily accompaniment, we step out radically to meet you where you are, then give you what you need based on what we know about how you're built by God Himself.

What's the relationship like with a mentor?
Is it different from a therapist?

The frequency of interaction, the vulnerability of that spoken word revisited every day, the experience of sharing one’s life in real-time… it all leads to a deeply personal relationship with the Mentor.

Clients' thoughts about the investment

The Mentor relationship becomes a powerful vehicle of grace that helps to heal wounds which are often the result of misguided and wounded relationships.

If you're on the fence about starting Mentorship...

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