Our Mission

To Create a Catholic Standard

of Mental Health

By providing services and resources based on the integration of faithful Catholic anthropology with sound psychological science to help people become who God created them to be.

Three Ingredients Create Psychology You Can Trust



The Foundation That Sets Us Apart

God created us in His Image, and in Jesus Christ we see who we are created to become. "Christ reveals man to himself." This is why revealed truth about the person will always standardize any other proposals we consider to understand who we are.


God gave us our intellectual capacity to move towards a deeper understanding of Truth

There will never be a true difference between what is revealed and what is reasonable. Faith and Reason are like two wings of a dove, and we build our sense of the human person on "faith seeking understanding." The history of philosophy, especially the Personalism of St. John Paul 2, offers clear direction in our rational understanding of our nature.




Directing rational capacities to the observable world around us

As part of God's command to subdue the world around us, we seek to make sense of what we can observe through the scientific method. The psychological sciences, when grounded on faith and reason, lead us to an even deeper grasp.of who we are.

what working with us is like

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