Therapist Intern

Stephanie is a graduate student completing her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Messiah College. During her undergraduate career, Stephanie studied at Eastern University, which instilled in her a commitment to social justice. Stephanie received a BA in Missions & Anthropology, which led her to study and serve in Uganda, Rwanda, and Mozambique. Prior to pursuing a degree in counseling, she had the privilege of interning in an administrative capacity with a Rwandan reconciliation group that not only assisted Hutus and Tutsis in the radical work of forgiving one another after the genocide, but also healing from their trauma. Through Stephanie’s academic and cross-cultural experiences, she developed an interest and desire to participate in the work of mental and emotional healing.


Stephanie is currently working toward her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Messiah College. She received a BA in Missions & Anthropology from Eastern University, where she also minored in Theology.


Stephanie completed two field placements prior to the CatholicPsych Institute. She co-led social skills groups for elementary-aged children and adolescents for a nonprofit organization on Long Island, NY, and provided individual therapy for adults at a Catholic counseling center in Manhattan, NY.

Areas of Interest

  Multicultural Therapy

  Spiritual Issues



  Adolescent Issues