Therapist Associate

Sean Faulkner completed his MA in Counseling, specializing in Addictions, from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. Sean is a convert to the Catholic faith after being raised in a devoutly Christian home. Born in Japan to parents who served as missionaries, Sean was aware of Christ’s love to the whole world from a young age. It was much later, while studying to be a counselor at a Protestant Seminary, that Sean sought truth from a variety of sources including Catholic priests, scholars, and close friends.

He eventually discovered that the fullness of truth resides in the Catholic Church that Christ established and he joyfully & proudly entered this Church on Easter of 2013. He is now passionate about allowing the truth and love of Jesus to help transform people’s lives through Catholic mental health counseling.


Sean received his MA in Counseling from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. He received his Bachelor’s of Social Work degree from Azusa Pacific University.


Sean received supervised training at NorthPoint Professional Counseling in Michigan under the supervision of a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT) who helped individuals and married couples overcome the trauma incurred from sexual addiction. Sean provided therapy to individuals, couples, and groups who struggled with the following challenges: addiction, anxiety, depression, bi-polar, trauma, low self-esteem, identity, marital, relational, communicational, and career development needs.


Previously serving overseas in the Peace Corps, Sean also has experience engaging diverse cultures and he seeks to incorporate the skills he has learned by utilizing a multi-cultural perspective in therapy. In addition, working many years for a tutoring company has allowed Sean to help a number of school-aged youth and their families with the challenges surrounding academic, social, and mental health needs in our modern, competitive culture.

Areas of Expertise

  Individual Adult Psychotherapy

  Men’s Issues

  Adolescent Issues

  Relationship Enhancement

  Sexual Addiction

  Spiritual Issues