Therapist Associate Intern

Sandra Czybora completed an MA in Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Care at Fordham University, where she was trained in the practice of mental health counseling from a pastoral perspective. In addition, she holds an MA in Psychology from Duquesne University. There she studied existential and psychodynamic approaches to therapy, building upon her undergraduate studies in existentialism at Stony Brook University, where she received her BA with honors.


Baptized Roman Catholic in infancy, Sandra’s relationship with Christ developed through sympathy for His Passion. This inspired feelings of dread and wonder, and a meandering search for transcendence and meaning that would lead her away from Christ to her own great suffering. In time, she experienced a conversion from secular humanism to Christian faith and returned to the Catholic Church. She spent years in prayer and the company of monks, hermits and nuns. During this time, Sandra discerned and embraced her vocation to serve those suffering in mind and heart, cultivating a mature understanding of Christ’s Passion which sustains her faith in the transformative value of affliction.


Seeing her work as vocation, Sandra approaches every client with reverence for God and respect for the dignity and value of each person. This means respecting where each person is in his or her journey and respecting each person’s readiness for change. With respect for the sacredness of every person, Sandra works to help her clients gain insight and healing through the therapeutic relationship.


Sandra received an MA in Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Care from Fordham University. She also completed an MA in Psychology from Duquesne University, and holds a BA in Philosophy from Stony Brook University.


Sandra completed her supervised training in the integrative psychodynamic doctoral training practicum at Stony Brook University’s Counseling and Psychological Services.


In the course of her training, Sandra has worked with diverse adult clientele ranging in age, race, culture, ethnicity, sexual, and spiritual orientation. She has counseled individuals struggling with family/relational conflict, personality issues, autism, psychosis, trauma, anxiety and depressive disorders, end of life concerns, loss and dying.

Areas of Expertise

  Individual Adult Psychotherapy

  Pastoral Counseling

  Adolescent Issues

  Chronic Illness

  Terminal Illness