Premarital Couples Counseling

Preparing for marriage can be a difficult process.  With depressing statistics of marital happiness constantly presented to us, it may seem like an elusive goal.  Enduring emotional safety, respect, emotional connection, passion and fun are more than possible for a long healthy and happy marriage.  You can become equipped to secure such a marriage through Premarital Couples Counseling.  This 4-6 month program will introduce you to a simple, yet profoundly effective way of speaking and listening to each other.  In our work together, a space will open up to explore questions and concerns about marriage and about your relationship that most young couples never even think to consider.  We will prepare the ground for you to creatively approach the conflicts and complaints that are an integral part of any marriage, even the happiest.


You’ll also be introduced to researched methods of navigating the major pitfalls to a successful marriage. You’ll have the opportunity to explore your marriage expectations, which will help you both become conscious of your assumptions about the nature of your future together.  You will be able to negotiate a vision for your relationship that you can be invested in, based on articulated goals rather than assumed similarities.