Individual Therapy

We offer short and long term individual therapy for adolescents and adults. (Child Therapy is described under the “Child Centered Play Therapy tab.)  After an initial consultation, we will offer recommendations for treatment.  Short and long term treatment options can be discussed, and we’ll develop a plan for treatment together.


There is a wide range of psychological difficulties that people experience.  Most people move through life struggling with difficulties and stresses while managing to keep their head just above water.  Then sometimes life feels like drowning.  Therapy is beneficial for anyone; struggling – or drowning – alone is not necessary.


In therapy you will have an opportunity to discuss and come to a deeper understanding of the most important issues in your life.   Feelings of depression or anxiety, social unease, feelings of emptiness or difficulties with sexuality or anger management can be worked through.  You’ll be heard from your point of view on how these issues affect your work, how you feel about yourself, and how they impact your relationships.  It may feel as though something is holding you back from being the best person you were created to be.  Something may be keeping you from being truly happy.  As the therapeutic process unfolds you’ll begin to understand and transcend the effect of these limitations and will become more comfortable with who you are.  Happiness is possible.