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One Omission and Three False Dichotomies in the Vatican "Declaration"

One Omission and Three False Dichotomies in the Vatican "Declaration"

You've probably seen mention of the latest publication on the Vatican website regarding Pope Francis's response to questions regarding the blessing of couples in "irregular situations." Did the Church... ...more

Relationships ,Gender and Sexuality Faith &Popular

December 21, 202317 min read

Is it Love?

Is it Love?

Exploring infatuation vs. love, delving into Pope St. John Paul II's insights on attractions and relationships. Unpacking the evolution of attraction, its link to healing wounds, and its impact on lon... ...more

Healthy Living ,Relationships Healing &Dating

September 06, 20236 min read

How to Spot Emotional Abuse

How to Spot Emotional Abuse

While physical abuse is more overt and easy to recognize, emotional or psychological abuse proves more complicated and difficult to pinpoint. Here are a few common signs to help illuminate when a rela... ...more

Abuse ,Human Dignity &Relationships

August 29, 20237 min read

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Here’s one missing distinction and three false dichotomies to sum up the issues with the Vatican Declaration at first glance. We are now in a time of the battle between a culture of life and a culture of death.” – Pope St. John Paul II The Vatican...

Though life is often unpredictable, we have the power to prioritize daily life and habits in a way that values what’s important to each of us. From the Friary to Married Life As many of you already know, I used to be a Franciscan friar. The friar’s life is one...

Labeling relationships as “toxic” is widespread right now; let’s take a Catholic approach to difficult relationships and examine why they’re not always meant to be easy. Navigating difficult relationships Why is this relationship so draining?...

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