Family Therapy

We utilize the research-based and proven effective Relationship Enhancement approach to family counseling. Counseling is generally short-term in nature and focuses not only on helping families resolve current family issues, but also empowers families by teaching family members skills for improving communication and developing the ability to cooperatively and effectively resolve family conflicts which develop in the future. Relationship Enhancement family counseling is generally appropriate for children 12 or older. For younger children, we offer Filial Family Therapy.


Filial Family Therapy for Parents of Young Children

Filial Family Therapy is a research-based and proven effective family therapy model in which parents are involved in the treatment of their own children. The Filial Therapy model is generally appropriate for families in which children are between the ages of 2 and 12. Parents not only learn ways of helping their children overcome current problems, but also learn child management techniques and other skills which can be used to prevent future problems for developing.


Family Counseling for Stepfamilies

Stepfamilies have special needs and special problems.  I offer a variety of specialized stepfamily counseling services and psychoeducational programs to help make the transition easier for parents and their children, as well as to work with stepfamilies in which serious problems have already developed. These services are offered include:

– Marriage counseling for remarried couples
– Family counseling for stepfamilies (parents and adolescent children)
– Filial family counseling for stepfamilies (parents and young children)
– Stepparent counseling
– Individual counseling for stepchildren
– Individual adult counseling focusing on stepfamily issues