CPMAP Certification open house FOR FalL 2024

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For Catholics Called To Accompany

Those With Mental Health Burdens

Join us for a State of the Industry discussion on healing the integrated

body and soul using a new truly Catholic approach to mental wellness

that actually works!

POST-MODERN IDEOLOGY has held a 100-year

tenure in the mental health industry

...and it’s time for a disruption

"The way it's always been done" just isn't cutting it anymore.

Secular psychology is fundamentally fractured as it fails to truly

accept and heal the whole person, both psyche and soul.

The absence of God from the field has reached fever-pitch levels.

Degree programs leading to state licenses are handicapped by postmodern relativistic standards.

The state-sanctioned mental health models are relative and ultimately broken

The concepts you believe in and are most important to you as a Catholic are not actually present in psychotherapy.

An Omnipotent and All-Loving Creator is not what the field means by "spirituality".

Relationship is fundamental. Real accompaniment can't be jammed into insurance definitions of code-able time increments.

Secular goals are not our goals.

Their standards are not our standards.

As therapists, we’re forced to give a number, label or code to whatever you’re experiencing.

The diagnostic system is subjective and inhumane.

The concepts you believe in and are most important to you as a Catholic are NOT allowed in psychotherapy.

You can’t talk about God the way we actually believe and talk about God.

The 45-minute session was created by insurance companies to monetize your mental health suffering.

The model does not integrate with the daily flow of life.

Secular training models in psychology do not reflect a true vocation of healing.

Don't get me wrong- there are many good Catholic therapists doing the best they can within our current secular environment.

And maybe you're one of those therapists who wonders if there could be a different way to help people if psychology was filtered through Catholicism from the very first step.

Or maybe you know you want to help people, but aren't convinced that a mental health license is the only way.

Here's just one example of what I mean: Have you heard that there needs to be a clear line between psychotherapy and spiritual direction? If so- did the reasons seem convincing? Did the distinctions really make sense?

A total separation of the two doesn't actually make sense.

Integrated psychology should lead someone closer to God, and integrated spiritual direction should help people have psychological peace.

Doesn't that seem more consistent with our faith?

Meanwhile, psychotherapy itself needs to be taught through a Catholic lens. Have you heard of Attachment Theory, Positive Psychology, or Internal Family Systems (or even the Five Love Languages)? It's great to learn about these things, but each one is actually flawed in a different (and fascinating) way. They don't have the fullness of truth because they're not built on a Catholic model of the human person.

The CatholicPsych Institute has developed an internal training model that integrates core psychological principles (because science is good) with authentic Catholic spirituality and the most important philosophical anthropology of our time, and we don't care if the American Psychological Association doesn't like it.

Now we're taking this internal training model and sharing it with the world.

True accompaniment and the healing work of God should not be

constrained by secular limitations.

And if you're wondering, "But how can I make money without a state license?" - Yeah, I'll cover that as well.

Meet Your Host

Dr. Greg Bottaro

I was a Franciscan friar for 4 years in training to become a priest before discerning a call to marriage, and then spent another 5 years in training to receive a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. These years gave me what I needed to form the CatholicPsych Institute in 2012.

Our mission is to create a new standard of mental health, based on Catholic truth, with the goal of helping those who are suffering.

The field (and history) of professional psychology is rife with confusion, politics, absurdity, and abuse.

Still, we hold the "state" system of degrees and licensure in the highest regard, a system that doesn't even acknowledge that a man is a man and a woman is a woman.

(This is only the tip of the iceberg.)

I invite you to our Open House to see what our new certification is all about.

Director & Founder, CatholicPsych Institute and IDD Mentorship.

Meet Your Host

Dr. Greg Bottaro

Director & Founder, CatholicPsych Institute

For too long the field of psychotherapy has tried to follow a medical model.

The medical model is one in which the body is the main object of intervention.

Unfortunately, most people confuse the body for the PERSON as well.

I don’t want to participate in this lie any longer. We are more than bodies. And those of us in the helping profession need to do more to treat the WHOLE person.

To accompany others in their journey, we must be trained in a deep integration of Anthropology, Spirituality, and Psychology.

This training is finally available.

We’re not just bodies and we’re not just spirits either. Humans are a unity of both and it takes a lot to find the right kind of help that addresses them together.

we’re changing that now.

After years of training graduates of mental health programs, both Catholic and Secular, we've distilled the most important principles of Catholic Philosophy, Spirituality, and Psychology to train others in the art and science of accompaniment.

We train our team to be therapists, mentors, spiritual directors, and all-around trustworthy expert guides to accompany others on their path to flourishing (*which means in their spiritual life as well as their mental health).

Now we've realized that that God is calling us to share this with the world, and - God willing - start a MOVEMENT.

  • Therapy shouldn't have different goals than Spiritual Direction if we are actually unified human persons (only secular definitions of the person make force us to split those fields up).

  • The only psychology that matters is psychology that helps you become holier.

  • We aren't trying to convert everyone, but spoiler alert- Growing in virtue will make you HAPPIER!

We've developed a model that builds on these principles.

I can’t wait to tell you about how you can use our model to support your whole self in becoming a happier and holier self.

After years of working with people from every walk of life, and especially after helping people not only get through, but flourish after a year and a half of quarantine, we’ve found a new model for mental wellness.

Because if we’re disrupting a hundred year old institution…imagine how we can support you in disrupting…

  • that 20-year habit you just can’t kick

  • the 5 year long silent battle you’ve been waging, or

  • your frustrating addiction

…With a model that’s built on 2,000 years of Catholic truth.

I can’t wait to tell you about how you can use this new model to support your whole self in becoming a holier self.

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