4 Mindfully Praying Audio Exercises to help you reconnect with your body in the present moment...

When we have the freedom to return our focus to prayer we can truly encounter God - in space and time.

➡ Are you beating yourself up for being distracted during Adoration or the Rosary?

➡ Embarrassed for not paying attention to the readings or the homily during Mass?

➡ Having difficulty slowing down and recollecting yourself at night?

Our minds produce thoughts the same way our hearts produce beats. We cannot stop ourselves from thinking thoughts, but we don’t need to pay attention to them either. We can choose to turn away from the thoughts that arise in our minds and turn our attention towards focusing on the physical sensations of our bodies. Listen on to learn how to truly encounter God - in space and time...


Adoration Exercise - Jesus often withdrew to pray - just as you do at Adoration.

Examen Exercise - Calling on the presence of the Holy Spirit, we ask God to inspire in us the action related to this moment we should take in order to move closer to Him.

Mass Preparation Exercise - Learn how to return to the present moment over and over again when distractions and ruminations come during Mass.

Rosary Exercise - Learn how to pay attention to our breath, beads, prayers, and meditations of mind and heart.

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